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Amazfit PowerBuds Pro monitors your heart rate for RM699


Amazfit has introduced the PowerBuds Pro wireless earbuds in Malaysia, this pair of earbuds emphasizes on health monitoring and features active noise cancellation. With up to 30 hours of total listening time, the PowerBuds Pro will last up to 9 hours in a single charge with ANC turned off.

Competing in the sea of wireless earbuds, the PowerBuds Pro offers built in health tracking feature which includes automatic run detection, heart rate monitoring with a PPG heart rate sensor, cervical spine sitting angle detection with the help of its accelerometer, which at least saves you the need of wearing a fitness tracker if you workout while listening to music.

What’s also interesting is that the PowerBuds Pro has four types of noise cancellation modes for users to choose from, unlike most wireless earbuds that only allows you to switch between noise cancellation and ambient sound, it lets users choose between Indoor, Travel, Workout and Adaptive modes, which is smarter in blocking out noise in the respective activities you do.

For example, Indoor mode cancels keyboard tapping and air cond whirs, travel mode blocks out rumbling sounds of public transport but lets in voice announcements, workout mode cancels environmental noises like wind but lets you hear moving traffic, while adaptive mode automatically adjusts the noise cancellation, which Amazfit claims to cancel up to 40dB of noise.

The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro will be available for purchase starting August 21, 2021 at an introductory price of RM639, which is RM50 off its usual price, interested customers can keep tabs on the official Amazfit Shopee Store.

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