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Apple’s upcoming 27-inch iMac could have a Mini-LED display

Apple’s upcoming 27-inch iMac could have a Mini-LED display

by Daniel

written by Daniel

Earlier this year, Apple discontinued their 21.5-inch iMac to make room for future iMac projects, now as we get closer to 2022, we are starting to see more leaks of Apple’s upcoming 27-inch desktop, with many sources claiming it will have a Mini-LED display, but a new article by DigiTimes Asia says otherwise.

Back in October, a leaker by the name of @dylandkt on Twitter had claimed that the new 27-inch iMac would be designed simillar to the 24-inch iMacs but would come in different colors, have ProMotion and a Mini-LED display. He also mentioned other details like an HDMI slot, SD Card slot, a starting price up to $2000 USD, and that Apple was testing FaceID.

iMac (Pro)

Promotion and Mini Led

Base model 16gb Ram 512gb Storage

M1 Pro and Max

Dark bezels

HDMI, SD Card, Usb C

Similar design to iMac 24 and Pro Display XDR

Starting price at or over 2000 dollars

Ethernet on brick standard

Face ID was tested (Not confirmed)

1H 2022

— Dylan (@dylandkt) October 30, 2021

There were several sources that backed up this leak, such as Ross Young, who did say that the new 27-inch iMac would come with ProMotion and a Mini-LED screen. DigiTimes Asia even supported this information with a paywalled article of their own, however, they just published an article saying that the new iMacs will not ship with a Mini-LED display but an LCD one instead.

We still believe it is Mini LED.

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) December 22, 2021

This left a lot of users confused on which display these new iMacs would have, but there is still speculation that Mini-LED could have been misinterpreted, and Apple could be using an LCD screen with Mini-LED backlighting instead. But do keep in mind that this is all speculation and rumors with nothing confirmed by Apple yet, so stay tuned for more updates from us.

Via – 9to5mac

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