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iPhone 13 shortage expected to ease up as production ramps up through to next year expected to arrive as production


The iPhone 13 – like its predecessors – sell like hotcakes, but that’s only good for Apple and those lucky enough to snag themselves a unit. For everyone else looking to get one, the global chip shortage has made the iPhone 13 very difficult to attain. 

According to Digitimes, this lack of product will likely ease up as iPhone 13 production accelerates. Apple’s suppliers have managed to overcome the shortage of certain components, which allows them to increase the production of integrated circuit boards for the device.  

This increase in production is expected to through to next February, so we can expect to see more products going on shelves during that time. 

Being able to deliver their new iPhones to customers will be even more crucial now more than ever as the company reported a whopping $6bil loss due to the shortage.  

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