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OPPO Reno6 series: 8 cool features to shoot portrait photography/videography


If you’re a proud owner of the Reno6, Reno6 Z or Reno6 Pro, here are eight fun features you can use to shoot insta-worthy shots for your social media.

Bokeh Flare Portrait (photo)

The Bokeh Flare Portrait on the Reno6 series turns any normal portrait photo into a dreamy-looking one with beautiful bokeh effects.

There’s no need to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings — OPPO’s 3-layer neural network algorithm will do all that for you, ensuring that you’ll have sharp subjects and fairytale-like background.

Bokeh Flare Portrait (video)

It’s not just photos; the Reno6’s Bokeh Flare Portrait feature is now available on videos too!

This is an OPPO-exclusive mode that uses AI algorithms to immediately run calculations to turn your surroundings into bokeh effects in real-time. 

Here’s the best part: it works during the day and night.

Portrait Beautification Video

You’re out and about, but you forgot to put your makeup on!

The OPPO Reno6’s Portrait Beautification Video is the solution to your worries!

This AI-powered mode recognises 193 facial points so it can detect the user’s face and accurately implement optimisation — this includes putting on make-up, brightening eyes and smoothening the skin.

It can even detect your gender to apply the appropriate adjustments, and you can control the intensity of its effects.

AI Highlight Video

Here comes a feature that older Reno phone users are also familiar with — AI Highlight Video!

During the day, the Live HDR algorithm takes over to bring out details and adjust the colour tones; at night, the Ultra Night Video increases brightness in lowlight situations. 

There’s no need to switch between modes — OPPO’s AI Highlight Video automatically detects the scene and makes the right decision for you.

Focus Tracking

Shooting fast-moving subjects can sometimes to a hassle, but with the Reno6 series’s Focus Tracking, it doesn’t have to be!

This feature allows users to shoot videos of subjects without losing focus by double-tapping to lock on to the subject. The camera then keeps track of the subject and ensure that it’s always in focus no matter where he or she go. 

Flash Snapshot

Another feature to capture fast-moving subject is OPPO’s Flash Snapshot. Unlike Focus Tracking that is meant for videos, this feature is solely for photography.

It consists of OPPO’s improved Image Clear Engine and blur less algorithm — this combo is embedded into your camera system so you won’t have to turn on any modes or settings.

AI Palette

It’s not just capturing photos and videos; the OPPO Reno6 series is also capable of assisting you in the post-processing of your images. Its AI Palette lets you copy colour tones from your preferred image to be used as custom filter on any other image you take.

So, if you saw a beautiful post on your Facebook or Instagram, and you want your photos to have similar colour profile, just save that photo and use AI Palette to make your photos look just as beautiful!

AI Color Portrait

Now, this is another great portrait effect to make you stand out from the rest. AI Colour Portrait detects the human subject and keeps him/her colourful while the background becomes monotonous.

This also works with video, so you can shoot interesting vlogs on the street, or shoot your friends and make them the center of attention in your videos!

There’s no doubt; the Reno6 series is all about its cameras!

With all these awesome photography features, the Reno6 series is a great option for content creator who are looking for a creative flair in their daily postings.

Get the Reno6 series here.

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