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Samsung demos new One UI 4 features in official trailers


Samsung has unveiled their newest One UI 4 Android skin via a couple of official trailers that detail all the newest additions to the OS.  Here’s a list of some of the more noteworthy ones.


You can now customise your system theme colour and match it to your wallpaper – visual items such as your quick settings icons, brightness bar, messaging chat boxes and more, will sport whatever colour you choose. 

Widgets are now easier to search and equip onto your home screen; while certain widgets like dual clock now come with improved UI that allow easier viewing at a glance. Every widget also now comes with rounded corners. 


You can now easily adjust the size of a picture-in-picture window with a pinch of your fingers – you can also move it around on your screen with less hassle.  

The quick panel has been given a makeover and all your main settings icons, including your brightness bar is now at the very top of your drop-down menu. The brightness slider is now thicker and easier to control. 

Dragging and dropping texts is now mad easier with a transparent background so you can see where in a paragraph you’re pasting your copied text. 


Your stickers, emojis, and GIFs are now placed in a single icon on your Samsung keyboard app. You can also “customise” emojis and place two expressions into one. 


There are now new haptic, motion, and sound feedbacks when you’re scrolling, unlocking, or swiping on your device. 


You’ll get an instant alert pop-up when an app wants to use your mic or camera – from there, you can choose to grant or deny access.  

Location sharing can now be customised to only disclose precise or approximate points – this can be done in the aforementioned pop-up alert. 


You can sharpen blurry images with photo remaster, or open the photo editor and easily cut out a subject from its background.  

One UI 4 is currently still in beta for Galaxy S21 devices, but we can expect the software to rollout to more Samsung devices by the end of the year. 

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