Home Hot News Vono SpinePro Plus series 50% off: The perfect mattress for gamers

Vono SpinePro Plus series 50% off: The perfect mattress for gamers

Vono SpinePro Plus series 50% off: The perfect mattress for gamers

by Daniel

written by Daniel

We all know that gaming for long hours can cause a lot of issues with posture and sleep, and even with gadgets that can help with your sleep like smartwatches or ANC earbuds, you can’t replace a good mattress. This is why Vono has developed the SpinePro Plus series after conducting research on gamers’ health, in hopes to help solve some of the issues that they found.

Vono conducted research on 43 participants, and according to their findings over 88% of their respondents spend two hours or more per day playing video games, with the majority having body aches. The research showed that 70% of respondents had neck pains and 60% had back pains, while only 65% were getting professional treatment.

The research also shows that 86% of participants had slept for six hours or less per day, with 26% having insomnia, and without enough sleep, it could heavily affect communication and brain function. Additionally, being around electronics for long hours would attract many electrons to be absorbed by the body, which causes body static that cannot easily be discharged.

All these issues lead Vono to create the SpinePro Plus series, which was made specifically for gamers and to solve these issues. This new mattress uses an Anti-Static Knitted Fabric that is meant to discharge the body static, for a better sleeping experience. It even allows dust to repel from the bed to help with allergies. The mattress also includes an 800 or 1200 Intalok Springing system and Ultra Lumbar Support to provide sturdy support for body movement to help with pains or insomnia.

You can get the Vono SpinePro Plus Series for 50% off now priced at RM2,518 via Vono’s official website. If you purchase the mattress now, you can get a free Vono Mattress Protector, Vono Pillows, and Limited-Edition Japanese Plates.

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