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Windows 11 will officially be available this October 5


Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will officially be available to the masses this October 5 – the catch is, it will roll out in batches to newer devices first. 

The brand says that it’s doing so as a way to ensure the process is measured, allowing Microsoft to focus on “quality”. They also say that all eligible devices is expected to eventually receive the free upgrade by mid-2022. 

To find out if your device is eligible, it needs to have a TPM 1.2-2.0 module installed, use these processors (Intel, AMD, Qualcomm), and enabled; and meet these system requirements: 

However, devices that don’t meet the requirements can still install Windows 11, but you have to do it manually via an ISO file – but again, there’s a catch. Reports have stated that Microsoft will not roll out important security and Windows updates on these devices as they’re running the OS in “unsupported state”. 

If you’re certain your device meets all the requirements, you can check for the update through the Windows Update tab in your settings menu. 

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